How Men's Resale Store Evolve Is Changing the Fashion Scene in Louisville

In Louisville, Kentucky, fashion is all around. From sensational boutiques to the best-dressed clientele at local restaurants and clubs, being fashion forward is essential in this exciting city. Not everyone can afford to spend all of their paycheck on an outfit which is why the existence of Evolve, a Louisville gentlemen's consignment shop, is such a welcome find.

How Evolve was Founded

Evolve was founded in 2009 by Gerry Mattingly, who left his San Francisco-based pharmaceutical ad agency job to move back to his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, and open Evolve. He wanted to open an exclusively men's consignment shop and this is how Evolve came to fruition. Sadly, Gerry passed away from cancer in 2015.

Hoping to keep Gerry's vision alive, his family asked Brett Howard, a close friend of Gerry's and one of his first customers at Evolve back in the day when it began, to keep Evolve up and running. Brett became the new owner of Evolve and since that time has carried on the mission of helping men to achieve their style goals while not having to spend a fortune to do so.

Why Evolve is a Wonderful Concept

Evolve embraces an excellent concept. Individuals get to sell high-end items they don't wear anymore and others who are seeking out fashionable finds at a great price will find them at Evolve. It's expensive to dress in a top-notch stylish manner with designer names from head to toe. And, you may find that your designer clothing items may only be worn once in awhile, so why pay extremely high prices for new designer clothing when you can get barely used designer clothing for a fraction of the price at Evolve. 

At Evolve, selling your high-end fashions will put money in your pocket and help shoppers of these items save some money, too. The designer men's brands which are carried at Evolve are wide and varied. Some of the designer brands you may find gracing the racks at Evolve include Salvatore Ferragamo, Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen, Versace, Vineyard Vines, Burberry, and many others. Best of all, the selection at Evolve is always changing, so you never know what new fashion goodies you'll find at Evolve. 

How the Owner of Evolve Gives Back to the Community

Evolve is not only about providing a way for well-dressed men to sell their designer clothing and enable other fashionable men to find these items at a great price, it's also about lending a hand to the community and showing support in different ways. At Evolve, inventory that won't be used is donated by Brett to One for All, a nonprofit thrift shop which gives its profits to House of Ruth, an organization that supports those touched by HIV/AIDS.

Evolve embraces the spirit of helping others to look their best on a limited budget and provide charitable outreach to those in need. With fashion and philanthropy at the forefront, it can be said that Brett is extremely successful in keeping the memory of Gerry alive in all that Evolve is today and will become in the future. 

If you're in the Louisville area, stop by Evolve today to explore the beautiful clothing items and learn more about this wonderful gentlemen's consignment shop. 

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